Where to sell life insurance?

This license qualifies you to explain, sell and write life and health insurance products in New York. New York's 176-year-old life insurance company. It has one of the largest fleets of life insurance agents in the country, totaling around 13,000, and the company has long been committed to maintaining its diverse sales force. Continue reading your article with a WSJ membership.

The sale of life insurance is part of the financial services industry, which has a history of generating more millionaires than any other industry. If your customer is interested in permanent life insurance, but a lifetime is too expensive, universal life insurance may be a solution. It's important to partner with an accredited life insurance IMO that offers a good mix of companies and products, full contracts, training, support and technology. Selling life insurance is a rewarding opportunity where you can help individuals and families alleviate this concern and earn a generous commission while doing so.

An independent marketing organization (IMO) is the link between life insurance companies and independent life insurance sales agents. And it also gives you a better idea of how to adapt your sales technique to them, giving you a good chance to sell a policy that fits both their pockets and their needs. Selling life insurance can be overwhelming when you're working alone, and that's why companies like The Brokerage Inc. As depressing as it sounds, people will continue to die and their loved ones need life insurance coverage.

Brokers who are successful in selling life insurance online often treat them as another lead generation method, the primary one, and not as a “go and forget” sales technique. With this type of policy, your customer has permanent coverage with premiums that are less expensive than a comparable lifetime policy. Let others know that you can now help them and their families with life insurance and facilitate the exchange of their information. With life insurance sales, you sell a policy and receive an initial commission (a percentage of the premium), and then, every year you retain that customer, you receive partial commissions again.

Life, Accident, %26 Health (LA%26H) and Property %26 Casualty (P%26C) are a total of four lines, but licenses and exams are presented in two combined lines. Selling life insurance can be a great way to generate passive income, even in times of economic uncertainty. Selling online means you can work from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection, so you can say goodbye to long trips to work, office politics and those strict dress codes. If 10% of these visitors enter their contact information on the lead generation page of your site, you get 100 monthly leads or 100 people you can contact and apply for life insurance.

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